Multilevel and Diverse Classrooms
Multilevel and Diverse Classrooms

Multilevel and Diverse Classrooms

Edited by Brad Baurain, Edited by Phan Le Ha, Series edited by Maria Dantas-Whitney, Series edited by Sarah Rilling, Series edited by Lilia Savava

Classroom Practice Series


208 Pages, 7 x 10

Formats: Paperback

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Publication Date: February 2010

ISBN 9781931185653

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Multilevel and Diverse Classrooms is about the benefits and advantages of classroom practices incorporating unity-in-diversity and diversity-in-unity. Multilevel classrooms—also known as mixed-ability or heterogeneous classrooms—are a fact of life in ESOL programs around the world. These classrooms are often not only multilevel but also large, multilingual, and multicultural. This volume adds to the growing knowledge base in language education of classroom practices in a variety of settings. Chapters in the volume approach multilevelness from a holistic and humanistic perspective by considering diversity not only in language skills and proficiencies, but also in learning styles, purposes, and contexts. The volume presents practices of teachers who thrive in multilevel classrooms and draw strength from unity.