Navigating the Intercultural Classroom
Navigating the Intercultural Classroom

Navigating the Intercultural Classroom


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Publication Date: January 2019

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Teachers are cultural informants. The resources teachers use and their interactions with students convey meanings that are both linguistic and cultural. It is important for ESOL teachers to guide students toward integrated intercultural/language learning that will carry them through diverse life experiences. This book goes beyond theoretical discussions and provides concrete methods for integrating intercultural communicative competence into the language classroom through its inclusion of practical examples, engaging activities, and real-life case studies. Develop both the consciousness and the practical skills required to navigate the increasingly intercultural English learning classroom. Explore the topics of Intercultural Communication and Teaching Culturally Diverse Learners; The Role of Intercultural Communicative Competence in Language Teaching and Learning; Teacher as a Cultural Informant and Classroom Strategist; English for Academic Purposes Programs and Cultural Expectations; Employment Preparation Programs and Cultural Integration; and Technology and Computer-Mediated Intercultural Communication.**This title also includes a companion website with online resources.**

Author Biography

Tuula Lindholm, M.A, is an English professor and teaches workplace communication to international professionals at Collège Boréal’s Bridging Program on Project Management & Leadership. In 2018 she collaborated with the Touchstone Institute and the Ontario Government to publish an online 360° View of Communicative Competency at Work intercultural curriculum framework that promotes integration of newcomers in the 21st century workforce. Johanne Mednick MylesJohanne Myles, PhD. has over 35 years of professional teaching and teacher education experience in ESL and communication skills. She has been involved in research which focus on curriculum design, writing and the acculturation of learners to life in Canada. She is also the co-author of Teaching ESL in Canada.